Australian Expatriate Superannuation Fund (AESF)

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The Australian Expatriate Superannuation Fund (AESF) opened to facilitate and accept foreign pension transfers into Australian Superannuation and also to promote Australian Superannuation to expatriates abroad.

We are specialists in UK Pension transfers, and pioneers in facilitating Australia’s first retail superannuation fund back on the HMRC QROPS List* post the Pension Schemes Act 2015.

AESF is a RETAIL superannuation product designed to help you accumulate and grow your super savings in a tax-effective way as you progress through your working life towards retirement.

As you approach retirement and look for the security of a regular income, AESF also offer a pension income stream.

Australia has tax treaties in place with over 40 countries. This makes it an extremely attractive jurisdiction to base your pension fund as your regular pension in retirement can usually be received free of any Australian income tax. So retire in France – or Bali – or Thailand and leave your money safely invested in the strongly regulated Australian Superannuation environment.

When you invest in either the AESF superannuation or pension options you become a member of the Plan.

The Plan is managed by Tidswell Financial Services Ltd, an approved Trustee regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) – RSE License Number L0000888 and AFSL License Number 237628.

Click here to view Tidswell’s governance policies.

AESF is a division in the Tidswell Master Superannuation Plan (TMSP), Registration No. R1004953, which was established in 1988 and is a public offer superannuation fund.

* HMRC list dated 1 September 2016




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