Jurisdictions Comparison

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It is very important in financial planning to select the best product(s) for customers based on their objectives. There are many features which make up a pension product, some more important than others.

The table below provides a comparison of important features within a pension product under different jurisdictions.

Gibraltar Australia New Zealand United Kingdom Malta
Contribution Limits No Limit 100,000 AUD No Limit 40,000 GBP No Limit
Lifetime Limit No Limit 1.6 Million AUD No Limit £1,055,000 No Limit
Investment Options Open Architecture Blue Chip Blue Chip FCA Standard Assets Open Architecture
Age to access benefits Age 55 Age 55 Age 55 Age 55 Age 55
Flexi-Access Drawdown No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Double Taxation Agreements 0 45 38 133 71
Income Tax at Source 2.50% 0%* 0%** Up to 45% Up to 35%
Tax on Death Benefits No No No Marginal Rate > 75 No

* 0% tax will generally apply on income stream and accumulation withdrawals, where the tax was applied on transfer, and the preservation rules are met.

Please Note:
Clients under the age of 60 within an accumulation account can withdraw up to the low rate capped amount tax-free currently $210,000.00 for 2019-2020.

** 0% tax will only apply if the prescribed investor rate = 0%