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Benefits & Requirements

Did you know that you can transfer your existing UK pension to our NZ PIE Superannuation Fund and benefit from the following:

  • Low cost investment options available in GBP and NZD
  • Flexible access to your retirement funds
  • Withdraw 100% from age 55 at 0% local tax rate.
  • 0% Tax on fund growth and pension income (For non-NZ residents)
  • Well regulated jurisdiction
  • Simple process to transfer your Pension, which we will handle on your behalf

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Lifetime Asset Management Limited are the scheme managers and are regulated by the FMA under reference FSP469326. Public Trust are the scheme supervisor and regulated by the FMA under FSP24561. Adminis Custodial Nominees Ltd hold the assets of the scheme on trust and are regulated by the FMA under FSP508706. IVCM (Aust) Pty Ltd are the distributors of the scheme and are regulated by ASIC under licence number 491530.

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